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I am a personal trainer and my passion is fun exercise and weight management for ladies. Based in Peterborough, I offer a range of services from 1-2-1 Personal Training, through Small Group Training to Circuits classes and 4 times a year a Pulse month. The Pulse is a month long intensive focus on your fitness and health to help kick start good habits and get you on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

I have always been passionate about fitness and exercise (I spent 4 years in the Army before running my own sports coaching business), but I have learned how hard it can be to come back to exercise after children, and how important it is to safely rebuild core strength and stability before heading to the gym or out on the roads running.

As a mum, I found so much conflicting and at times bad advice out there for pregnant and postnatal women. This inspired me to find out about healthy, safe, sustainable fitness and weight management for Mums.

Annie Faith.

I am mum of 3 small children, Jonty age 6, Beatrice age 3 and Mallory age 11 months. I have a hectic schedule and know how hard it is to prioritise exercise- sometimes some friendly help and guidance is needed to show us the way. As a personal trainer and a mum, I feel I am well placed to understand your challenges and hopes. I can help you get back in shape or back to feeling healthy in a safe, sustainable fun way!

So whether your baby is 4 months, 4 or 14, drop me a line for a friendly chat about how I can help you get your sparkle back!

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"Annie is a huge source of knowledge in post pregnancy recovery and having had 3 children herself, gets the daily battle to fit in exercise around the demands of being a busy mum."

A session just for you

From personal training to bootcamp, and more!


Highly effective CV and toning class

When and Where:

Various daytime and evening classes available in and around Peterborough

The Pulse

Focus on creating new good habits, kickstart you towards your goal.

2 classes (max 10 ladies) a week for a month plus home workouts and nutrition advice

Class focusing on deep core work

Circuit/HIIT class

When: 4 times a year Pulse month, January, April, July and November

Where: Castor and Marholm

What time: As agreed

100% rebooking from November members for the January Pulse, after all achieved lbs and cm lost beyond their goals!

Personal Training

CV, circuits and toning

When: As agreed

Where: Outdoors or at home

Lifestyle Consultation

A meeting to get your lifestyle on track

Exercise, eating, sleep, stress- whatever you need to live the best life to be the healthiest you.

You know what you need to do, but need a bit of guidance and support to do it.

When / Where: As agreed

Postnatal Consultation

To check tummy for muscle separation post pregnancy, help with a weak pelvic floor, rebuilding and strengthening your core.

When / Where: As agreed

Remote / Online Personal Training

Remote personal training

Bespoke training packages designed for you to do at a gym or at home

Full support and guidance

"Annie has a great way of empowering you to take charge of your health, and although the classes are challenging they are great fun."

Get back in shape

Safely rebuild core strength

Kick start good habits

Friendly guidance to help you achieve your goals

Its time to get in shape.



Pay a month at a time in advance

The Pulse

Includes a free hour long consultation health and fitness assessment

Personal Training

1 hour long sessions - either pay as you go or price reductions for 10 sessions

Postnatal Consultation

Consultation and check or consultation and 2 further sessions

Lifestyle Consultation

Find out what you need

Remote / Online Personal Training

Prices depend on what level of support you need

"Annie is informative, motivational and inspiring. I am not just another head in class with Annie, she really cares."

Are you looking for motivation?

Watch my Workout

This is a taster of the circuits class. Max 10 ladies in the group. High intensity, hard work but great fun! CV, toning and strength work. Big enough to get a great atmosphere but small enough that you get lots of coaching from Annie.

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"It's only 7 weeks since I had a (lifestyle) consultation with Annie and I'm proud to say I've lost 12lbs in weight and I feel like I'm getting fitter and healthier."

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Circuits class
Payable a half term in advance

4 week pulse
5 week pulse
6 week pulse

Personal Training designed around you

Online personal training including sessions, full support, nutrition advise and weekly check ins
Online sessions only available
Core rebuild online

Lifestyle Consultation
Core rebuild

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